Business Model Innovation

“The search for new business models forces established companies to experiment with organizational designs — and leads to tensions that should be anticipated and carefully managed.”

– Sund, Bogers, Villarroel, & Foss, 2016

MIT Sloan Management Review


A firm’s business model is a form of recipe of how the firm creates and appropriates value in the market place, i.e. how the firm makes money. Research into business models and business model innovation (BMI) has grown over the last decade, and has become a focal point of some of my own research efforts. I currently have two PhD students working with me on BMI projects:

  • Henrik Jensen, working on business model innovation in the media sector, on a project financed by Discovery Networks, and Innovation Fund Denmark.
  • Kathrine Friis-Holm Egfjord, working on business model innovation in the insurance industry, on a project financed by Tryg insurance group.